“To call it an amazing, wonderful, awesome experience would be an understatement. I’ve never laughed that hard, cried so much, danced that crazy, hugged so many people, made so much loud noise, and experienced so many great. By the fourth day my jaw was so sore from laughing, yelling and smiling that it was hard to open it wide enough to eat my burger! It was the coolest thing ever to be surrounded by hundreds of other youth leaders that all had so much energy and friendship and love to offer. I’m amazed that we were all able to click instantly and love each other after such a short time of knowing each other! This experience was by far one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I couldn’t shut up about it for hours when I got home! Everyone needs to experience this; it would undoubtedly make the world a better place!” ~ Cynthia R, California

“GYLS has proven to be one of the most valuable experiences of my life thus far, and it has greatly inspired me to strive to be the best person that I can be and to help others to be their best as well. When I return home, I will spread some of the team building skills and leadership abilities that I have gained on to some of my coworkers in my internship at Georgetown University and some of my fellow classmates that I know can benefit from it. I have learned that I could be a much stronger and more capable person if I learned to only focus on the positives about myself and stop worrying about the negatives. I have also learned the importance of trust, support, and teamwork when working with others and trying to achieve all of your goals!” ~ Ambassador

“GYLS made me cry like a baby. I never before saw so much beauty in one place and look forward to going next year.” ~ Cody M, Pennsylvania

“A life changing experience…GYLS is a gathering in a way of great people for five days having a great time and learning about how to be better in life.” ~ Kevin H, Switzerland

“There were two big things I learned from this experience. One is that there are people out there to relate with and who you can completely be yourself. Another thing I learned is that I have to learn to love myself in order to go after my dreams fully and break through boards or obstacles in my life knowing that I have the power!” ~ Ambassador

“{GYLS is} amazing and so hard to explain. Next time, come with me and you’ll see for yourself!” ~ Adriana B, Canada

“When I returned home from GYLS, my parents were so amazed on how much I had changed in only a week. I wanted to be able that all of my friends learned what I had experienced at GYLS. I learned that I am a fantastic leader.” ~ Ambassador

“It is a life-changing {event and a} chance to make more friends. It will improve anything in your life that needs improving.” ~ Johnathan L, California

“Attending this camp strengthened me in my communication, leadership, goal setting skills, the attitude towards myself and my attitude towards contribution. I have been able to become more confident and independent in the things that I do now therefore making me a better and more reliable person. I am able to not judge others and accept them the way they are without hesitation.” ~ Ambassador

“GYLS was the most supportive and wonderful experience I’ve had. Not only did I meet a bunch of amazing people, just being in the environment made me inspired and feel wonderful . I would also suggest that everyone must go because words themselves cannot describe it.” ~ Radhika M, California

“GYLS really taught me that I can make a difference (especially the talk about contribution). It doesn’t matter what happened in the past – all that’s important is the present and what I’m doing to help the world. I also really learned to have a very positive outlook on life and I realized that I am a very blessed individual to live the life that I am living. I learned to forgive myself and that amazing people really do exist in the world!” ~ Ambassador

“It was the best ever time of my life. It freed me from my fear and what was holding me back from living life and showed me how to live life better with using one degree. {The most impactful part} is the way that all of us from 20 different countries became one massive family overnight and how everyone played full out and how I have never seen so many amazing leaders in one room!” ~ Aidan R, U.K.

“Literally the best thing I have ever done with my life. Already my friends notice how much better of a person I am. The people I met there will never be forgotten, the love i felt in just one room over whelmed me so much that it brings me to tears as I write this. I over came so many beliefs about myself that had once brought me down but I now see the humor in them from Kathy. The speakers at GYLS were off the charts! They made me bring out my inner leadership qualities and morals that willcarry with me for the rest of my life. Not to mention how much energy I had nonstop at GLYS. From the dancing, the music, the games, and the prizes we won I didn‟t know I could sustain that amount of energy for that long. I am forever grateful to GLYS for changing my life.” ~ Ambassador

“It was the most inspiring, heartwarming experience of my lifetime. There is something for everyone there, even skeptics. It was amazing how a group of people who didn’t know each other could be put in a room together and learn to love and support each other just because. It can make anyone feel incredible and it is shocking, comforting and just overwhelmingly wonderful to discover so many amazing people exist.” ~ Mariah C, Massachusetts

“GYLS was the most amazing experience of my whole life. I learned so many new things including how to break out of my comfort zone. Every day was so exciting because I knew I was going to learn something totally new. I love all the friends I made all from different countries and I am so excited for next year. I thank God for giving me the gift of being able to participate in a life changing experience here as a child. GYLS ROCKS!!” ~ Safaa K, California

“GYLS has given me so much, whether it is a number of breakthrough or even the ability to make friends with people all around the world. Just as i did last year, i want to share my experiences with my family and my peers. I want to do a talk about GYLS or a presentation on it to my class at school. As i have returned home, i have already made a vision board which is something i was inspired to do after the seminar we had. I have covered my room with all the inspiring things i learnt at camp, including quotes. I want to change my overall persona. After camp I have changed the person i am for the better. I am now more confident and willing to try new things by stepping out of my comfort zone. I am inspired to step up and take any challenge coming my way.” ~ Ambassador

“It is a life changing experience, that it has helped me come out of my shell n reach a point of full potential in me as a youth. I also got to know many people that have empowered me through many ways and have made life lasting friends. I’ll tell them that they have to experience it themselves in order to fully understand it.” ~ Isaac H, Malaysia

“I have learnt that i have the ability to do anything with the right mindset. Everything is determined by the mind, whether it is ‘believing’ you are upset or passing an exam. I have learnt that whenever I step out of my comfort zone I become a greater person and i expand my horizon to do ever better things. I know areas i need to work on, like looking at myself more positively and respecting myself more. I have learnt to appreciate the people around me, like family and friends. Another thing I have learnt is that i can use my knowledge and my anxiety to do better things to influence others. I think this is so important because after attending this camp i really want to influence the youths of this day to change the misguided track that many young people follow. I want youths to stir away from the negative aspects in life – drugs, etc and by using the things learnt at camp, we can set an example.” ~ Ambassador

“GYLS was the most inspiring days of my life. it was incredible how much people bonded in a few days, and the motivational speakers are outstanding. I made amazing friends, and sharedthings with these friends that I wouldn’t normally tell anyone. this summit truly changed my life.” ~ Diego R, Texas

“I have learnt to be myself and not pretend to be someone else. In the past I would do things to satisfy others and I was being held back and could not reach my true ability. Now I going to be myself because GYLS has shown me that I’m special and I’m am going to for fill my true ability! I am inspired to help others achieve their goals just like GYLS has helped me. I am going to teach everything I have learnt to learners in my school.” ~ Ambassador

“GYLS was like a party every day and was the best experience I’ve ever had and it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I can apply myself to. I had a great time talking with people from so many different places and GYLS has changed what my perspective of my life has been for many years. I cannot put into words everything I have experienced at GYLS, but all i can say is that it was FRICKEN AWESOME DUDE!!” ~ Madina K, California

“GYLS was a life-changing experience. I learned so many new things: how to be more confident, how to trust, how to forgive myself and others, and so much more. I made some lifelong friends that I already miss so much! Every single thing I learned at GYLS can be used in my everyday life – from school to at home. I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who helped make GYLS possible and it would be an honor if I was able to go again. GYLS was an experience that I think every single person should have the opportunity to attend.”~ Meghan Babla, California

“I feel inspired to go out and do something for my community, and to get more involved in school activities. I’ve learned to forgive the people who have hurt me, and to accept people and their differences.” ~ Ambassador

“GYLS was the most amazing experience ever, and it was so great to meet so many fantastic people. It’s like another family away from home, who you can just be yourself around, without people judging you, or putting you down. We did so many amazing things, and I just want to thank everyone who made it possible. Everyone should have the chance to go and experience what I did that week. It changed my life.” ~ Lauren W, U.K.

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