1. Budget (cut unnecessary expenses like coffee, snacks, movies, etc.)
  2. Recycle Bottles (plastic & glass)
  3. Penny Drives
  4. Kick Starter Campaign
  5. Social Media campaign
  6. Side jobs (e.g. babysitting, dog-walking, car wash, dog wash)
  7. Snack Sales (e.g. baked goods, smoothies, juices, popcorn)
  8. Yard Sales
  9. Art Sales

It is important for those seeking leadership skills to be able to set goals and work towards them. We’ve found it’s very beneficial for GYLS participants to work towards saving up funds to attend GYLS – and that they’ve gotten a lot out of the process of planning and saving!

We understand the challenges of fundraising toward a finical goal can be overwhelming, but it’s a major accomplishment to see what can be obtained when you put your mind to it!

 At a minimum, we suggest telling all of your family and friends what are you aiming to do! Let them know about the program, what you will learn and what you will do with the knowledge once you return. Starting a Facebook or other social media campaign is another great way to accomplish this. You can make it a virtual journey the entire way and use #GYLS2018 to share! 

 Share these fundraising methods to your friends who want to attend also and encourage them take the first step towards getting themselves to GYLS. It’s not about the destination; it’s the joy in the journey. 

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