Q: What is the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS)?

A: The Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit is a four-day program providing an environment designed to boost summit participants into leadership roles that will change their lives and that of their community. The format of GYLS includes small group discussions, hands-on service learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises. Dynamic keynote speakers from around the world present topics designed to enable summit participants to identify their own particular leadership strengths. At the conclusion of GYLS, participants are encouraged to identify personal goals and a commitment to community service.


Q: What age youth do you accept for GYLS?

A: We accept teens between 14-17 (based on the ages below as of 2016): 

  • Ambassador (14-16): First time participants who have never attended a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR AMBASSADOR ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR GYLS 2018.
  • Alumni (15-17): Returning participants who have been to a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit and have the desire to further their leadership skills in addition to helping guide our first-time Ambassador participants.  PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR ALUMNI ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR GYLS 2018.
  • Youth Leader (16-18): The highest level of applicants, Youth Leaders have been to a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit as an Ambassador and as an Alumni. They have been recommended or nominated to the Youth Leader role by their Team Leader at the previous year’s Summit. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR YOUTH LEADER ARE CLOSED FOR GYLS 2018.
  • Youth Coach (18-21): Youth Coaches have attended the previous three years as a youth participant (Ambassador, Alumni, and Youth Leader). They are returning to support the event from a logistical standpoint and the Coaches in their role. 
  • Coach (22+): Coaches are adult leaders who have a desire to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders. Coaches may not attend at the same time as their children. 

Q: How much does GYLS cost?

A: Ambassador and Alumni Early Bird Fee is $650 if application is submitted and approved before March 31st. Fee will increase to $750 thereafter. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR AMBASSADOR AND ALUMNI ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR GYLS 2018.

The participant fee helps cover the entire cost of room, board, all food, supplies and materials for each participant. The only additional cost is transportation to and from GYLS. The Tony Robbins Foundation does not help with any travel accommodations and does not make arrangements for any early arrivals. 

Q: Where is GYLS 2018?

A: GYLS 2018 will be taking place at the University of San Diego, California (UCSD) in San Diego, California July 28-Aug 3 2018. 

Q: Where do they stay when they’re at GYLS?

A: Participants will be housed in dormitories on campus with adult supervision for the duration of the event.

Q: How does the cost of GYLS compare to other summer camp options?

A: The total cost for each attendee adds up to more than $1,500. Thanks to our fundraising efforts and the generosity of our donors; attendees who are accepted for GYLS are granted a scholarship for more than half of the cost, making their fee $650 (and $750 after March 31st 2018), which allows us to keep the cost low. 


Q: What is the application process?

A: There are four simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Fill out an online application(Make sure you get a confirmation email with instructions for Step 2 of the application process. If you do not receive this email, your application is considered incomplete and hasn’t been submitted.) 
  • Step 2: For Ambassadors – contact the Foundation office for a phone interview. Alumni, Youth Leader, Youth Coach and Coach must submit a YouTube video interview. 
  • Step 3: Once all these items have been received and reviewed, we will make our decision in a timely manner & contact you with updates! 
  • Step 4: If/when accepted you will need to fill out part 2 of the registration form.  

Q: This would be my first time attending GYLS – which application do I need to fill out?

A: Our role for first time attendees is called the Ambassador role. All applications can be found here.

Q: Who should write the letter of recommendation?

A: GYLS Letter of Recommendation Guidelines: 

– Must be from someone outside of Tony Robbins and Global Youth Leadership Summit Environment/Has never attended the program before
– Must be typed on an official letterhead
– Must include contact information and title/position of author
– Must be dated in current year

Q: What will the phone interview be like? Do I need to practice?

A: The phone interview will be a casual 10-15 minute conversation with one of the staff members at The Tony Robbins Foundation. The goal of the interview is to learn more about you, why you want to attend GYLS and what your goals are for the summit. You do not need to practice – just relax and be yourself!

Q: How can I apply to be a Coach?

A: Applications for GYLS coaches can be found online here. To be eligible, you must be at least 22 years of age and must have attended a minimum of one Tony Robbins Live Event. Please visit the application link for full eligibility requirements. 

Q: How long will it take to hear whether I have been accepted or not?

A: Once you have started the application process, please allow up to (2) weeks or otherwise noted between steps for us to contact you. We process a lot of applications and do our best to let you know in the timeliest manner possible.


Q: Am I responsible for paying fare to and from San Diego?

A: Yes. The participant fee covers everything you need while at the summit but each attendee is responsible for paying their travel to and from summit.

Q: If a participant must fly to get to San Diego, how can they get to the campus from the airport?

A: Taxis and Shuttle services are available. Contact the airport for transportation options. 

Q: Do applicants traveling in from other countries need a Passport?

A: Yes. Anyone traveling from outside the United States will need the required documentation to enter the country.

Q: What’s the difference between UPW- Youth Leadership and the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit?

A: Our UPW- Youth Leadership is held in conjunction with Tony Robbins’ Live “Unleash the Power Within” events.  The Tony Robbins Foundation sponsors students between the ages of 14 and 17 years old to attend and participate in the UPW event with a group of their peers.  The application requirements are listed on our website here. Please note: because space is limited, not all applicants will be accepted.

Global Youth Leadership Summit was developed specifically for 14-17 year old students (see age requirements above).  It is a program held once a year in San Diego, California.  The application requirements are listed on the online application. Applicants are selected to attend GYLS based on the quality of their application, the amount of Community Service they have performed and their letter of recommendation.


*Please note:  All payments submitted for GYLS 2018 are non-refundable as of May 1st 2018. PLEASE NOTE: APPLICATIONS FOR AMBASSADOR AND ALUMNI ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR GYLS 2018.

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  1. Liliya says:

    Could you answer for this questions:
    1) Do you have transfer from airport to university and back?
    2) Do you have any activities and will participants go to excursions? Is it include in price?
    3) Do I need bring extra money? For what?

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